The Hiring Playbook

Hiring Advantage’s comprehensive recruitment program that will teach you how to acquire your dream talent quickly, easily, effectively, and for the long haul.

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This is for you if …

You’re a solopreneur who is ready to scale and grow an empire

You’re a business owner who feels overwhelmed hiring, and is struggling to find their own dream team

You’re a future CEO who understand the importance of strategy and the need to lean on experts

You want to DIY hire but you know that you need support, guidance and a proven strategy

What’s included…

Your step-by-step hiring process from start to finish: how-to hire easy, effectively & carefully

LIFETIME ACCESS to bite-size training videos to guide you through every move

LIFETIME ACCESS to plug and play templates to make hiring your dream team effortless

LIFETIME ACCESS to the Hiring Playbook templates & modules

LIFETIME ACCESS to priority access to discounted 1:1 coaching

BONUS: your own 80-page Hiring Playbook to help you map & record every step of your hiring process

How this will transform your business …

The Hiring Playbook is your answer to getting recruitment right, saving time and money, and taking away overwhelm from day one. Our top tips and strategies teach you how to scale your business through finding the perfect fit for your team.

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