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Outsource your recruitment and hiring to the expert and find your perfect match faster

Stop wasting your time & money writing job descriptions, scouring job applications and interviewing the wrong applicants –
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It’s time to grow your team and scale your business to new heights

Growing your team is a natural progression when you’re self-employed.  Maybe you’re going from you to two, or you to a few, or you’re sick of churning through staff and not finding the one, or maybe you just don’t. like. hiring.

Guess what? You’re not alone!  It’s a bloody daunting task and not everyone’s cuppa tea.  But I’ve got some good news (oh… and some bad news).

The bad news is, the process of finding and hiring your perfect match can be time-consuming and expensive (as some of you already know), and there’s a lot more to it than whacking up a job ad, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.  

The good news is, outsourcing your recruitment and hiring process to an expert (oh heyy - I know a girl) is a sure-fire way to make sure you find the best fit for you and your business.  Let me break it down…


Here’s 5 simple reasons why you should outsource your hiring process to Hiring Advantage

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With 12+ years of experience in all things recruitment, hiring and strategy, I know EXACTLY how to find the needle in the haystack. Take advantage of my experience working in leading global recruitment firms, some of Australia’s biggest banks, and a nation-wide telecommunications company, hiring and managing large and small teams.

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My services are super affordable and based on the needs of small businesses. Fixed prices mean you know exactly what finding the right person’s going to cost upfront (what you see is what you pay - no commissions and no hidden fees!).  Agencies often charge around 20% of the total salary package of the role being placed.

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It can be easy to read a resume and get immediately attached to an applicant.  That’s not me – there’s no emotional attachment.  By deep diving into your requirements now and in 5 years’ time, and making strategic, objective decisions about the applicants, you’ll only be presented with authentic candidates who are qualified for your role.  I’m a pretty good judge of character.



Save up to 40 hours of your time by taking hiring off your to-do list and adding it to mine.  Your time should be spent servicing your clients and building your business, not writing job descriptions, posting adverts, reading resumes, screening applicants, and the constant back and forth, sometimes awkward conversations (hellooo rejection calls) that take up so much of your time. 



If you’re writing job adverts with no personality or connection to your brand, you’re going to attract the wrong people – trust me.  It’s my job to ensure consistent branding and tone of voice is used throughout your communications and inject personality into your job advert to get applicants pumped up about wanting to work with you and your business

Sounds like a no-brainer right?! 

Are you ready to find the yin to your yang? the Robin to your Batman? Dare I say it… the Netflix to your chill?
Chrissy Saffioti
Founder, Hiring Advantage

Hi, I’m Chrissy… your go-to recruitment and hiring expert

… and the face behind Hiring Advantage, the boutique hiring firm specializing in finding the perfect addition to your dream team.  Working with fun, quirky, a lil ‘out of the box’ and niche small business owners with job descriptions that aren’t necessarily the norm, I’ve got the experience and the know-how you need to find the one. 

Why the chess piece, you ask? well it’s not just any chess piece.  It’s the queen, and it represents you sister, you are a QUEEN – you’re powerful, you’re strategic, and you’re making moves.

Christina was super helpful when planning out the hiring/ team management process. We jumped on a strategy call together and walked through next best steps and future planning in my biz to better combat my new team. Thank you Christina!!

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